Case Study: ING Innersphere 2010


To follow up the inaugural ING Innersphere 2009 Dealer Group Principal event with an equally ground -breaking relationship-building event for 2010


After accompanying ING on site visits to both Canberra and Byron Bay, it was unanimously agreed that Budget week in Canberra was the perfect environment for Innersphere2010.
As part of the site visit we chose a cool boutique hotel as our main venue.  For the event two uniquely designed meeting spaces within the hotel were fitted out as venues for several key presentations and a live broadcast session out of the UK. We kept technology to a minimum to accentuate the intimacy of the event. The welcome dinner was a relaxing Tapas meal in a unique heritage venue. We were able to jack-into the politics of the week and enjoyed timely presentations and interaction with Bernie Ripoll (whose report has immense implications for the Financial Services industry), John Brogden, head of IFSA, plus a treasury spokesperson,  former PM Bob Hawke and many others. Sessions and dinners were also held at Parliament and Old Parliament House.


“Innersphere 2010 became a fantastic platform for discussion and has galvanised a group of industry competitors into a team who are all now regularly meeting out of cycle to address the “big issues.” This is no easy accomplishment.
Ian and Rog thanks again must go to you guys at ExpDNA. You’ve have helped us put together a first class creative event with the right balance of content, style and of course the unexpected “wow” factor that made Innersphere a real experiential event and one our industry is talking about! Thanks again!

Head of Advice Development
Advice & Distribution
ING Australia Limited

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